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Iran in the Persian Gulf, 1820-1966   

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    Burdett, Anita L.P.
    United Kingdom 
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    History, 20th-21st Centuries
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    The Arabian Geopolitics series, of which this is the fifth, sets out to examine the key issues in the political evolution of strategic regions of the Arabian Peninsula. It explores the historical background to contemporary developments in political and territorial authority. It highlights the interaction of inter-state relations and claims, traditional trade and tribal activity and the extent to which natural resources dictate national claims. This substantial collection, of almost 5000 pages in 6 volumes, focuses on political relations in the Persian Gulf region between Iran (Persia), Britain and the Arab states of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, during the period when Britain, through her special treaty provisions with the Arab states, maintained an active presence in the area. Regular reports of events follow the initiation of diplomatic relations between Britain and Persia in the early nineteenth century, and the creation of treaties with the Arab shaikhs from 1820. Territorial claims predominate in the material, but the selection covers the all the important conflicts and communications between the states.