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The GCC states : national development records : civil aviation, 1920-1962   

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    Burdett, Anita L. P.
    United Kingdom 
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    History, 20th-21st Centuries
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    As part of the three set series on the development of the GCC states this set contains documented evidence for the origins and expansion of civil aviation services within the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia in the formative years of the 20th century. The coming of air transport to the remote Gulf and desert emirates has been a factor in the twentieth century transformation of an older way of life. Accordingly Archive Editions has prepared a research collection in 8 volumes from British government records on the origins of civil aviation in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The documents tracing the early days of civil aviation in the Gulf region provide much new material on geographical, tribal, political and diplomatic aspects of Arab history. Correspondence and reports on routes and landing fields are of local historical interest, [note : unless otherwise indicated, agreements are with Britain]. The records reflect the relative independence and strength of Saudi Arabia from the 1920s, when Ibn Saud sought training facilities for his Hijazi air force, through to World War II and the Saudi-US agreement over the Dhahran air base. The end of World War II saw a rapid growth in international regulatory bodies and the affirmation of sovereign control by the Gulf States over their airspace.