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Records of the Hajj : a documentary history of the pilgrimage to Mecca   

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    Rush, A. de L. (Alan de Lacy)
    United Kingdom 
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    History, 19th Century and Earlier
    History, 20th-21st Centuries
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    The contents of this publication have, almost without exception, been selected from primary sources. The earliest period is covered by exact copies of sections on the Hajj in the works of Azraki, Al-Tabari and other Arab chroniclers. Later documentation presents the Hajj less as a feature in Islam´s historical development than as a personal experience conveyed through eye-witness accounts of the pilgrimage rituals and of Mecca and its inhabitants. Outstanding among such records are passages selected from the works of Ibn Jubair, Nasir-e Khosrau and Ibn Batuta. European sources provide the bulk of the documentation for the later periods. On the one hand there are extracts from Varthema, Burckhardt, Richard Burton and other travellers; on the other, huge quantities of highly interesting despatches and memoranda prepared by diplomats and agents sent to the area to monitor events and promote their Government´s interests. Most of these have been selected from the archives of the British Political Agency (later: Legation) that was established in Jeddah in the nineteenth century. Of outstanding value are the lengthy comprehensive Pilgrimage Reports that were, until the 1950s prepared annually by British political staff assisted by Muslims sent specially to Mecca as observers. These have been reproduced in their entirety. As for the last thirty years - the period in which such records are withheld from view - the editor has made careful selections from recent publications and combined them with media coverage including the text of important broadcasts from Riyadh and Tehran.