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Records of Iraq, 1914-1966 

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    Priestland, Jane
    United Kingdom 
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    Foreign Policy / International Relations
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    Records of Iraq, 1914-1966
    "Records of Iraq 1914-1966" makes available an extensive collection of primary documents for the study of the formation and development of the modern state of Iraq. The collection begins with the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the creation of a new Iraqi monarchy and the conduct of the British mandate, and ends with the death of President ´Aref and the rise to power of the Ba´athist regime. The purpose of this publication is to provide scholars, diplomatic personnel and political analysts with a comprehensive vision of Iraqi history, based on the evidence of authentic papers from British Government archives. There is a huge amount of material extant and these 14000 pages represent an expert selection. A schedule of documents is given in each volume, together with file references to make corroboration or further research possible.