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Minorities in the Middle East : Jewish communities in Arab countries, 1841-1974   

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    Destani, Bejtullah D.
    United Kingdom 
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    Ethnic Studies / Ethnology
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    This group of six volumes is the first available set in the multi-part collection of Minorities in the Middle East. It covers the arrangements and conditions for Jewish communities living under Islam, throughout the Arab world, from 1840 to 1974. The situation of Jewish communities has varied according to the country of habitation and the particular time period although it is thought generally to have deteriorated from 1800 with the decline of the Ottoman Empire. Up to 1948 more than a million Jews lived in the Muslim countries of the Middle East. By 1992, excluding the non-Arab states of Turkey and Iran, the number was only c. 20,000. Although they cover more than 100 years the papers do not form a continuous record of events but rather provide a series of snapshots of history from which it is possible to ascertain something of the contemporary position of Jewish communities at particular points.